Mobile Bike repairs and Ebike maintenace for businesses.

Does your employer offer a wellness program as part of their workplace health and benefits program? If so, check whether there are measures to encourage employees to cycle to work. “If maintenance costs are covered by your employer, your trips could be completely free “

Delivering the
future of wellness.

About Us

Our services are part of a sustainable future. We can help companies decrese their carbon footprint while promoting community wellness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide bike maintenance services harnessing and optimizing a bicycles potential to improve personal health and happiness by promoting employment opportunities and reducing the costly strain on the environment and our communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to embrace the emancipative power of the bicycle as a means to a cleaner, healthier and happier future. Santevelo provides services to promote and extend the life of bicycles and their riders alike.

Our Services

Santevelo provides annual mechanical maintenance and assistance services for bicycles and e-bikes. Our mobile services are provided on customer premises or in employee homes.

Bike and E bike maintenance, prolonging usability.

Santevelo provides basic bike tune-ups and repairs ensuring the maximum potential of both the bicycle and rider. Our model brings the solution to the masses, instead of bringing the masses to the solution.

Research and Product development, sustainable future.

The e-bike represents a tremendous opportunity when you marry it with a solar-powered charging network. The footprint of a bicycle is roughly that of a 200 w solar panel. We follow emerging technologies like IOT and sodium-ion battery technology and renewable energy.

Consultation & project management, sustainable infrastructure.

The bike revolution started without us, but now that it is here we need to rethink how this new customer brings new challenges to business, commercial real estate, and event management. People are investing heavily in personal bicycles and e-bikes only to find nowhere safe to charge or store them. 

Why SanteVelo?

Humans for the past 2 centuries have used it as a form of exercise and transportation. While the bicycle has evolved and transformed humans over time, bicycle repair services have not. Santevelo offers the first B2B bike repair services.
Employees and their children endure long waits and costly visits to repair shops just to enjoy their bikes. Most people will forgo the visit all together. This is where the company can step in and make sure their employees have their bikes taken care of. Better quality of family life and safety. Bike repair is nothing new, becoming the new standard of wellness is a game changer.
A family of 4 x $60 per tune-up 240 plus taxes about $275 per year. Go back to the bike shop 1 hr each edge 2 hrs and the cost of the car etc.. Current waiting time 3-6 weeks without your bike.

With us
No cost to the employee or their household No trip to the shop, bring them to work No waiting, services provided on site
Contact: 438-877-3118

Business Opportunities

Employment opportunities

We are looking to provide opportunities to our disadvantaged communities. We are very flexible and will work with you. 


Santevelo is a way of life that we promote, encourage and support. We are looking for like minded entrepreneurs to become part of the collective. 

Education Training

We offer a basic bike maintenance training for riders 30 minute and a level 1 8 hour bike technician training for those aspiring to work with our company.

Car vs. Bike Calculator

Did you ever wonder what would be the effect of you swapping the car for a bike for, let’s say, five years? How much longer would you live? How much CO₂ would you not emit? Car vs. Bike Calculator will answer all of these questions.

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