About Us

Our services are part of a sustainable future. We can help companies decrease their carbon footprint while promoting community wellness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide bike maintenance services harnessing and optimizing a bicycles potential to improve personal health and happiness by promoting employment opportunities and reducing the costly strain on the environment and our communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to embrace the emancipative power of the bicycle as a means to a cleaner, healthier and happier future. Santevelo provides services to promote and extend the life of bicycles and their riders alike.

Message from the Founder

Dear Client,
Around the world, rising inflation is hurting families. Gas prices will only make the problem worse. The bicycle has always been our favorite invention at a time like this. Quebec used to have 1000 people employed generating $700 million in today’s money. Santevelo allows companies to provide bike maintenance to their employees, partners and communities at large.

Traffic jams, parking issues, crowded public transportation, strikes, aggression, noise, cost… The deterioration of transport conditions is a source of lost time and, above all, of growing stress for the majority of employees. This is a real health issue for individuals and a productivity issue for their employers (risk of accidents, disrupted work rhythms, less efficient employees, deterioration of the social climate, etc.).

As part of your company’s wellness initiatives, santevelo provides maintenance, support and training for bicycles and electric bikes. Our solutions cost as little as $1 per week per participant, the price of coffee. In keeping with the work-at-home movement, our services can be delivered on-site to the client, the employee or a combination of both, depending on your needs. Don’t wait as our service is in high demand and the first of its kind. Ask your employees if they would like a free bike repair and let us know your results.

Best regards,
Jeffrey Billeter
CEO, Santevelo

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Why SanteVelo?

Humans for the past 2 centuries have used it as a form of exercise and transportation. While the bicycle has evolved and transformed humans over time, bicycle repair services have not. Santevelo offers the first B2B bike repair services.

Employees and their children endure long waits and costly visits to repair shops just to enjoy their bikes. Most people will forgo the visit all together. This is where the company can step in and make sure their employees have their bikes taken care of. Better quality of family life and safety. Bike repair is nothing new, becoming the new standard of wellness is a game changer.

A family of 4 x $60 per tune-up 240 plus taxes about $275 per year. Go back to the bike shop 1 hr each edge 2 hrs and the cost of the car etc.. Current waiting time 3-6 weeks without your bike.

With us
No cost to the employee or their household No trip to the shop, bring them to work No waiting, services provided on site
Contact:, 438-877-3118