Fixing the bike service model

bike repair at spot

A billion-dollar economy waiting to be properly serviced

The bottleneck for bike services starts at the door of any bike shop.

Bike shops are seasonal and sit idle many months of the year only to explode beyond their capacity in season. The rising cost of rent and utilities force them to maximize every inch of their business. They make their money selling bikes repairs are secondary. More and more shops are refusing to do basic jobs due to lack of resources and high costs. Then we have the big box stores and online resellers peddling price points with zero aftermarket service. Current bike shop wait times average weeks if not months.

Bringing you bike to the shop

Haven’t been to the bike shop in a while, well it is going to take you two trips , one there and one back. Your bike will be in the shop for at least 2 weeks. Every minor defect will be noted and replacement parts suggested. A simple tune up can cost 200$ by the time a shop is done, they need to pay massive overhead. For a family of 4 it is time consuming and costly. Bike shops have to jump from one project to another and do not have the space, regional presence or ability to scale their business to meet the demand. The market is growing but the model is stagnant.

The Santevelo Experience the secret is in the sauce.

Santevelo provides same day bike tune ups and minor repairs at the company or events hosts expense. We have 2 secret sauces the first being we go to where the people already are going to be. No need to do two separate trips to the bike store, just go to work on their bike day event. We use tents for inclement weather but mostly enjoy the great outdoors giving us almost limited area to stage, fix and return the bicycles. No more waiting weeks for surprises. No more cost at all for basic tune ups, families enjoy free safe riding and the environment rejoices. A family of four saves 300$ yearly using our services.

Santevelo KISS method

The second part of our secret sauce is our methodology of keeping it simple and smart. Unlike bike shops that change parts and reconfigure bicycles, Santevelo sticks to basic mechanical tune ups. Our methodology maximizes efficiency and expertise by creating a production line where tasks are divided and simplified to ensure quality and efficacy. The time it takes to teach a single task well is short and makes people very productive without much previous experience. We have a master technician in every team who ensures the tuning is correct and will let you know if anything needs to be replaced.

Sustainable Development Goals

Santevelo offers companies the opportunity to deliver an affordable benefit inline with their SDG initiatives. A recent report from Cycling Industry Europe stated that cycling impacts 11 of the 17 stated SDG goals. Furthermore it goes on to say that moving to e-bikes and cycling represent 6 trillion in savings over the next 15 years. Pollution is a costly business and will continue to be costlier. The 11 impacts are: Poverty, Hunger, Well Being of all ages, Gender Equality, affordable sustainable energy, full employment, infrastructure and innovation, sustainable cities, sustainable consumption patterns, act on climate change, strengthen implementation means and globalization.

It comes from the heart

I like to see kids riding their bikes, it brings back so many good memories. I like to see adults on bikes keeping fit. Many on personal quests to save the planet a kilometer at a time. I like to see older people on the brand new e-bikes going further and faster than ever before. When an owner gets his bike back from us, their eyes gleam with enthusiasm. They want to go and test their limits and the bikes again. For many it has been years and a simple tune up rekindled their friendship and memories. We encourage business leaders to be the hero to their employees, their families and communities.

Our services start at 1$ per week per person, such a small investment can pay huge dividends.

With us
No cost to the employee or their household No trip to the shop, bring them to work No waiting, services provided on site
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