Business Opportunities

Employment opportunities

We are looking to provide opportunities to our disadvantaged communities. We are very flexible and will work with you and your abilities. We give bikes second lives so why not people? People who are punctual, with some manual dexterity and a good work ethic can decide to work part time or become a future leader in the organization are all welcome to apply.


Santevelo is a way of life that we promote, encourage and support. We are looking for like minded entrepreneurs to become part of the collective. The partnerships will enable our services to be delivered to the fortune 500 of Canada while keeping the majority of the economic benefits in the hands of locals. If you are a bike shop, a home mechanic or just an interested party, lets talk!

Education Training

We offer a basic bike maintenance training for riders 30 minute and a level 1 8 hour bike technician training for those aspiring to work with our company.

The local Bike shop has all but disappeared from our communities. In their place are huge box stores importing millions of bikes with zero intent to service them. The bike repair market has become so costly and time consuming that many may choose to buy new rather than repair. The result is bike imports rise proportionately to their waste. Given the current boom we have either an impending environmental disaster or an opportunity to bring the jobs and economic activity back into local hands and communities. Santevelo wants to focus on bringing more women and minorities into the economic benefits of cycling by creating well paid opportunities and a chance for self actualization.

Santevelo’s concept is to leverage local talent to provide our services in their regions. A typical team consists of a senior tech, a junior tech and a bike washer with the basic bike repair tools and a stand. Our services are delivered on site at the customer location and desired time, so the schedule can be very flexible. Our goal is to provide an income all year long through additional opportunities like winter storage and bike refurbishing in the winter months.

We are a for profit company with a goal of social equity and responsibility. By empowering more people we make the world a better place. As such a certain portion of our proceeds and work will be used to support bike-related community development programs for women here and abroad.

How big is this market? 7.2 million bike owners in Quebec alone if we capture 5% of the yearly repairs, that’s 350000 bike repairs at 50$ each. All it takes is one national company to take on our services and there is a renewed revenue opportunity. Our goal at Santevelo is to change the game and our programs are in a company’s best interest. These numbers reflect Quebec, imagine the North American and then the global market.

Do you Know?

Cyclist only in Quebec

are adults

are infants

is the Male:Female Ratio

Why Santevelo? Why not. No one can do this alone, but together we can do many things. All the necessary skills and knowledge are readily available online. The basic tools and supplies for the job represent a low cost entry point to the market. Bike shops can profit from our associations, we are partners that will refer the costly repairs to you. Distributors can sell higher margin items for repairs instead of low margin complete bikes. Customer satisfaction is through the roof, they get our services paid by a third party!! The sale and marketing groups are building momentum and are a force to reckon with. Regional markets are growing but need quality service providers to step up and come out from the shadows. If you can wrench a bike we can help.

Santevelo offers ordinary people the opportunity to learn, grow and be well remunerated for their quality work. The harmony of the team and willingness to help others is the most desirable of traits for any one thinking of becoming a team member. The opportunity for franchising will likely exist in the future, however for the time being the company is a sole proprietorship and we are open to subcontracting day workers until further notice.

If you are a good honest compassionate person we would like to hear from you. We would like to help, let’s find out how?