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Does your employer offer a wellness program as part of their workplace health and benefits program? If so, check whether there are measures to encourage employees to cycle to work. “If maintenance costs are covered by your employer, your trips could be completely free ”


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Greater Montreal, Quebec city of, Beauce. National possibly.
Our Limitations?
Our services are designed to benefit the average family and moderate cycling enthusiasts. We do mechanical maintenance and we refrain from providing hydraulic or electrical services at this time due to the near impossibility of having all the tools and miscellaneous parts. This remains the core business of your local bike shops. We can coexist and provide a safer and better experience for everyone.
I have a broken part. Do you have a spare part?
We don’t offer many replacement parts due to compatibility issues. We have some consumables for maintaining a bicycle, but the parts must be purchased elsewhere. The ability to install customer parts is at the discretion of the technician due to their familiarity with the work and the time required. If you want us to change a flat tire, just bring the right new inner tube and we’ll do the rest.