Creating the Climate Warrior

amir with his bike

Monkey See Monkey do:

An individual’s habits are often created by their environment and by emulating their peers. Since its invention, the car has been marketed as a life changer and a must-have. In 2021 the US automobile market’s top 10 auto manufacturers spent 12.3 billion dollars in advertising alone. The best parking spots are reserved for VIP’s in corporate headquarters. The status symbol of a car far outshines the pedal bike of a climate warrior. Company leadership needs to foster a bike culture in every way possible to set the right example.

Put your people into action:

People are into health and the environment more than ever. That means you already have internal combustion engines that work with you ready to set the pace for others to follow. Do you have a sustainability committee? an employee activity community and have a board of directors? If so, that is a great place to start. Find the person most passionate about the environment and provide them with some support and tools. They will become the driving force behind creating more climate warriors.

What is a climate warrior?

A climate warrior acts in kindness and respect toward their environment. We all have the passion we like to enjoy, a climate warrior also weighs the long-term impacts of his actions in terms of generations, not simply weeks or months. Our climate warriors choose biking as a means of transportation in lieu of any gas vehicle whenever possible.  A mature tree consumes 40kg of Co2 per year. For every 250km ridden on a bike instead of in a car, we offset the carbon footprint by 40gk Co2. A climate warrior simply needs to change his transport habits to become a forest.

The potential of doing the right thing.

A company with 100 employees has families so 3 people per household. That represents 300 potential climate warriors. If we get them all to ride 10km per week instead of driving in the summer. We have done the same job as 300 trees. We can keep going from there. The fact is that e-bikes make people want to ride 5x more than pedal bikes. Promoting bikes and e-bikes has never made more sense. But there are no prime parking spots or places to charge e-bikes. Build it and they will come. Your company with 100 employees can do the job of 1500 trees by simply changing some of your habits and focusing on sustainable solutions. Your employee’s health improves as will his productivity.

Being a part of a solution

Today’s employer needs to offer more than just salary and benefits, they need to offer each person a purpose. Sure people work for good money, but they excel when they are active participants in a mutual goal.

With us
No cost to the employee or their household No trip to the shop, bring them to work. No waiting, services are provided on-site.
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With us
No cost to the employee or their household No trip to the shop, bring them to work No waiting, services provided on site
Contact:, 438-877-3118