Fostering trust within an organization:

Jeff fixing bike of a kid

Acts of kindness need not be random. Kindness can pay big dividends beyond the dollars and cents. Employees aspire to be active participants in the culture of giving. Kindness gives meaning to life. Kindness gives meaning to life because it involves an investment in something greater than oneself. Generosity shapes how others perceive us – which enhances our reputation – and how we perceive ourselves. The remote workplace presents a new challenge for companies, where cultivating moments of joy and unity is rare, it is a significant benefit that translates into long-term job satisfaction.

Adopt an active family lifestyle

Teaching a child to ride a bike is like teaching them to fish. Driving your children to all destinations is teaching them to fish. The sheer joy and sense of independence a child gets from riding a bike are hard to match. Offering bike repairs to your employees and their families is an act of kindness with a deep personal purpose. Children will ride safer, more efficient bikes more often while reducing waste. Families become climate warriors by using bicycles to improve their health and reduce CO2 emissions.

Don’t outsource your kindness.

Companies are often very generous and make charitable donations through annual events where funds are allocated to various charities. Various charities do the actual charity work. Santevelo offers a solution that allows every member of the company and their family to actively participate in something more significant. Every time they cycle, they are environmentally friendly, healthier, save money and reduce their carbon emissions.

Kindness is a vital element of the circular economy.

A circular business model is an act of kindness. Santevelo uses most of its revenue to create jobs, teach and promote cycling, provide free services to the community, and donate bikes and other goods to needy people. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to help someone, to give them hope when they may be failing. We invite businesses to do their part to give hope to future generations by investing in kindness now.

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