National Cycling Center


Santevelo visited the final stages of construction of the new Center as was simply astounded by the incredible facilities. The building in not yet ready for the public but after seeing the outside tracks and biking school in full swing I could not resist.

What I noticed from the outside was the old installation some what rustic building with a brand new state of the art BMX track, bumping dipping and diving into steeply banked corners, ET is phoning home! (for the older people amongst us). Then to the left closer to the road there is a semi tube, rails and a whole trick park ready for fun. The summer camp was in full swing and hundreds of children were riding and learning different techniques on this wet and slipper day.

I soon creeped over to an open door and went looking for someone to talk to. Sebastien was painting the lines on a mind blowing  indoor pump track. The architecture is second to none, breathtaking sweeping arches and lines reminiscent of any true velodrome. This will be the last time the building shows us it’s underneath and it was exhilarating to capture the moment.  The complex includes 3 conference areas , various types of tracks, training room, repair services, rentals and every comfort one would expect in a signature building. I cannot say enough about the installation other than Bromont and the highway 10 will keep it from being used by the majority of people.

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