Delivering the future of wellness.

Does your employer offer a wellness program as part of their workplace health and benefits program? If so, check whether there are measures to encourage employees to cycle to work. “If maintenance costs are covered by your employer, your trips could be completely free “

Our Services

Our services provide basic maintenance and adjustment services. They are not intended to make advanced repairs or provide broken replacement parts. For complex hydraulic issues or electrical breakdowns and issues, please visit your local bicycle repair shop.

Service Details:

Our teams will

  1. Adjust brakes
  2. Adjust shifters and gears
  3. Adjust hubs
  4. Adjust steering components
  5. Verify bolts are secure
  6. Optimize tire pressure
  7. Clean and lubricate chain
  8. Grease pivot points
  9. Basic cleaning of bicycle
  10. Basic truing of wheels

Our team has consumables like cables, chains and tubes for sale at moderate prices. Promotional items like security lights are also available. at an additional cost.


We have 3 billing models:


Daily rate per tech $600


A unit price on site $70 per bike


A home employee unit rate $85


Volume discounts can be discussed

Return on investment

Our programs have a positive impact on mental and physical health, the environment, while supporting local economies. Employees and their families can all be active participants and benefit from our unique services. Our wellness program impacts both present and future generations!!

Bike and E bike maintenance, prolonging usability.

Santevelo provides basic bike tune-ups and repairs ensuring the maximum potential of both the bicycle and rider. Our model brings the solution to the masses, instead of bringing the masses to the solution.

Research and Product development, sustainable future.

The e-bike represents a tremendous opportunity when you marry it with a solar-powered charging network. The footprint of a bicycle is roughly that of a 200 w solar panel. We follow emerging technologies like IOT and sodium-ion battery technology and renewable energy. 

Consultation & project management, sustainable infrastructure.

The bike revolution started without us, but now that it is here we need to rethink how this new customer brings new challenges to business, commercial real estate, and event management. People are investing heavily in personal bicycles and e-bikes only to find nowhere safe to charge or store them. 

Municipal Bike Repair Day
Season, 2022

Make your events sustainable
Scrapped bikes are usually the result of poor maintenance, lack of skill, or cost. Bike shops were considered an essential service, but demand far outstrips supply. Santevelo provides local teams of bike technicians at daily rates.

Community Safety
Rider safety is enhanced with a well-maintained bicycle. Bicycles can also be registered and safety lights and reflectors can also be fitted.

Invest in your community
If maintenance costs are covered by your municipality, your trips could be completely free! Collectively, it pays off just as well. At least that’s what a study by Lund University in Sweden shows, which compares the economic impact of cars and bicycles. Conclusion: when we study the costs to society of cars and how they compare to bicycles in terms of air pollution, climate change, road wear, congestion and even public health, we conclude that a kilometer traveled by car costs society 20¢, while each kilometer traveled by bicycle brings in 22¢.
No wonder when you know, for example, that the wear and tear caused by a single car is equivalent to that caused by no less than 9,600 bicycles! While public spending on road network maintenance continues to climb, making an active shift in our travel saves taxpayers a lot of expense.


Cycling has too many desirable impacts on your local economy to list. E-commerce and big box stores provide the bikes but not the services to support them beyond a year. Santevelo is mobile and scalable bringing the solution directly to the problem. Our solutions are cost-effective and highly scalable. Be sure to book your event early as major holidays will be in high demand.
Bike Health does not replace the typical bike shop. We perform minor tune-ups and repairs. Major repairs, hydraulics or electronics are not provided due to environmental concerns. We carry some spare parts such as chains, tubes, cables, but if the bike part is broken, our service is not recommended.

Thank you for sharing our vision of community wellness. We are sure you will have many questions. Do not hesitate to contact me at