Annual Bike tune up

Neglect is the easiest way to throw your hard earned dollars out the door. Space, time, money no matter the challenge the results are often disturbingly the same. A rusty chain, a flat tire, a broken cable, all very minor upkeep are responsible for whole bikes being tossed away. It starts with a problem. The bike gets buried under life’s problems, goes unused, becomes a burden and is thrown away and replaced by a newer one. Why because it’s costly, time consuming and inexplicably difficult to get your bike serviced.

For the over 5 million riders there are only 300 points of service. Nothing can replace the bike shop due to the variety a retail location affords. Annual maintenance and tuning will prolong your investment in your bicycle, whether you are planning to ride it, sell it , or give it away. Repairing your bicycle keeps it from landfills and slows the need for costly imports while creating a new local economy. Santevelo provides basic tuning cleaning and security solutions to companies in a fast, easy and cost effective manner. Our methods save time and effort but most of all spare families yearly bike expenses and provide free NET ZEO transportation in return. We believe we have a winning solution for all participants, the employer, the employee, their families and the environment.

How to get started?

  1. Get a coordinator (if they are passionate about bike great)
  2. Survey your employees letting them know it’s free
  3. Choose your date
  4. Confirm date to employees and offer a last call
  5. Get your numbers and decide logistics, one day two days a week?
  6. Plan for storing the bikes before and after they are repaired?
  7. What do we need?
  8. Space to work outdoors 100 sq ft per mechanic
  9. Access to water
  10. Access to electricity is desirable but not essential
  11. A table or two

The day of your event our team arrives 30 minutes before hand to set up according to the weather, we have canopies that we bring to shield us from the elements to some degree.

A set up includes a bike rack for bikes to be fixed, about 10 bikes , and another rack for fixed bikes of the same size. We have the work stations which will vary in number depending on the number of techs hired for your day. A bike repair stand , a table to sit the wheel truing stand and a wash station. Normally we use the tables provided onsite to lay out consumables and other necessities.

Each bike will have the chain cleaned and freshly oiled. The bike will receive a quick wash to remove excess dirt. The wheels are checked for trueness, and tire pressure adjusted accordingly. The brakes are adjusted and lubricated as needed. The gears are adjusted and lubricated as needed. The seat post is moved to prevent it from sticking. Bottom bracket and pedals check for wobble. Check all screws and fasteners to ensure they are secure. Address any customer or accessory issues. Do a quick test ride, repeat. The time and effort required varies from bicycle to bicycle. We will do our best to fix what we can however we do not carry many replacement parts, just consumables. We will fix whatever we can. If there is something in need of a part we do not carry, the local bike shop will be the solution.

Our services and tools cater to the majority of bike riders and are not intended to replace high end bikes services requiring Hydraulics, Shocks, electronic shifting or electronic as a whole. We are primarily focused on the mechanical component due to technical as well as environmental issues. We thank you in advance for your comprehension. It does not exclude riders; only the aforementioned components will not be serviceable in our current model. We will recommend the local bike shop when the opportunity presents itself.