Do the Right Thing

Action on climate change now

Empathy is a strength that few companies have mastered. Today your company could encourage bike riding in many ways, yet, there is currently no one with a mandate to do so. Every person I speak with embraces the concept but only real decision makers can make this happen. Habits are hard to change and when you are talking to someone who busted his but to drive a Bentley about repairing employees’ kids bikes it’s white noise. Human resources is not a group of environmental scientists evaluating the broader impacts of bike maintenance and repair. Early adoption requires leaders who take climate change seriously.

Money Talks

We cannot ignore the rising cost of fuel, each 10 kilometer we travel by bike instead of car saves avg 3.00$ in fuel costs and saves one kilo of Co2. A 30-minute daily ride in the spring and summer in lieu of the car will save 300$ per person in fuel costs alone. They will burn more than 3000 calories a week, reducing carbon emission in line with the work of 12 trees.

Sowing the seeds for the next generation is done by example. Families that have access to corporate bike maintenance services save on average 300 dollars tax free and save time and single trips to and from the bike shop. Family bike trips create bonds with the community and lasting memories.

A company that invests 1$ per week per person per year can generate new local employment opportunities. 92% of Canadian companies provide some basic work benefits so the money   is already available but being spent on Gym memberships. Tire changes, etc. Air Canada has 30000 employees and roughly 120 000 spouses and dependents. This would represent a 6-million-dollar annual revenue potential creating 350 new well paid low entry level jobs.

As stated in research article of Canadian family physician “Physical activities like cycling  improves well-being; enables prolonged independence as we grow old; helps in the prevention of diabetes, coronary artery disease, and depression; leading to decrease in mortality”.

We can all do our little part to be a part of the solution. Future generations deserve the consideration of top-level executives. You can make a difference are you ready to “Do the Right Thing”. Santevelo has a year of experience and your bicycle best friend. Our business model brings solution to the masses at your doorsteps. With us there is no cost to the employee or their household. No trip to the shop as we bring service to their work. No waiting on lines as we repair their bike while they focus on their job.

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by Jeffrey Billeter

Community News

Santevelo donated 5 bikes to various people and groups in need across Laval and the south shore of Montreal. We completed 105 bike tune ups in Quebec City and Beauce for BID Group and Simon Potvin, our greatest partner. We were lucky to help a newly arrived family restore 5 children’s bikes free of charge. Their neighbor had collected them and we simply followed through on the kindness.

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No cost to the employee or their household No trip to the shop, bring them to work No waiting, services provided on site
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