The Power of Hope

Kids hope to fix his bike

Raising your Banner

Humans are passionate social beings that love to team up with like-minded people. In Canada hockey unites us as much as it divides us, one thing for sure is that we all hope our team wins the cup. It is this hope and sense of belonging to a bigger group that needs to be executed by companies’ HR departments. Becoming bicycle-friendly businesses offer companies the opportunity to become part of a larger effort to reduce CO2  emissions while improving personal health and finances.

Showing you care goes a long way

The drowning rat experiment has proven that the feeling of desperation reduces our actual potential by 3600%. Terms like Quiet Quitting are becoming the norm because of a lack of common goals in the modern workplace. The more specialized that companies become, the fewer people in the same vertical have in common. Actions are more important than words, how can you inspire the best for your company?

Seeing is believing

Covid-19 changed how and where many of us worked. It also saw many people turn to cycle as a way to stay fit and travel instead of by car. People are investing in bikes and e-bikes, while municipalities invest in bike paths and other cycling infrastructure. Companies can become the hope by investing in cycling infrastructure and programs for their employees, families and communities. Customers, partners and employees will all be part of a sustainable solution.

The Power of Giving

When you start to give with your heart, your soul soon follows. When you become known as a giver, people will lavishly come to you to help the cause. I went from picking bikes out of the trash to having donations of as many as 10 at a time in a few years. It is not only bikes! People give me clothes and items for those in need. Giving creates circles of kindness and builds communities. We invite you to join us in creating a circular economy.

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